Hawaii Department of Health

Medical Marijuana Patient Registration & Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program Information

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Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii

A local group helping to change cannabis laws here in Hawaii.

MCCHI Website

Americans for Safe Access


Marijuana Policy Project

ASA is a very active organization with many functions. For us in Hawaii, ASA is critically important in helping with the creation of positive legislation to increase safety for society in relationship to medicinal cannabis.

ASA Website

MPP is the premier legislative lobbying organization in the world. It is highly organized and connected with wealthy donors who match the amount of money donated by the rest of the world. MPP has been the key force through which at least half of the medical marijuana states obtained their laws. A grant from MPP helped create the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis ordinance enacted through voter initiative on the Big Island of Hawaii. This law places 24 plants or fewer as the lowest law enforcement priority of officers; however, they can still prosecute a person for only one plant if there is a motivation.

MPP Website

National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws

NORML is the oldest organization dedicated to reversing the harm associated with marijuana laws. The NORML site is a great resource because of its extensive library of helpful links to information about marijuana. 

NORML Website