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Cannabis is Lawful Medicine

Act 242 in the Hawaii Revised Statutes allows for protections from persecution in a number of circumstances. Specifically, Child Welfare Services, and other entities, can not interfere with child custody, visitation or other child/family activity based solely on the fact that a parent has a 329 card, and uses cannabis. Also, housing can not discriminate against legal cannabis users; schools can not discriminate against legal cannabis users, and cannabis must be considered as equivalent to other medications when it comes to health care systems.


O'AHU Dispensary Runs Out

August 11, 2017

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Just days after opening, Oahu's only medical cannabis dispensary announced that they'll have to close all weekend to restock.

"Even though we're supposed to be open, we're actually going to be closed because we've had such high demand that we're running a little low," said Aloha Green Director Helen Cho.

Aloha Green opened its doors Tuesday, and patients had to wait hours to get the cured flowers.

Watch the news clip here.


Marijuana Associated With Declining Painkiller Abuse

October 5, 2017

Athens, GA (NORML) - Cannabis dispensaries are associated with reduced levels of opioid-related treatment admissions and overall drug mortality, according to a study published online on


Dispensary openings are associated with "a 20 percentage point relative decrease in painkiller treatment over the first two-years of dispensary operations," the study reported.