Medical cannabis & Marijuana 329 Card Certifications

We offer competitive pricing and strive to keep costs down. Our prices vary per island due to dynamic market forces. All prices are plus General Excise Tax (GET) rounded down to 4%.

We accept cash as the preferred currency. Dr. Lawinski will accept credit or debit cards, and will add on the bank-card processing fee as appropriate. Matthew Brittain will accept payment via PayPal, and will add on the PayPal processing fee as appropriate.



Some patients need counseling to alleviate anxiety related to common issues surrounding cannabis production and use. Matthew Brittain, our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, offers counseling to reduce the anxiety, social stigma, legal consequences, and interpersonal complications that patients often experience.

medical expert witness

Our medical doctor, Dr. Christopher Lawinski, MD, has been called upon on a number of occasions to provide medical expert witness testimony for patients involved in cannabis related legal challenges. If you, or someone you know, needs a medical doctor to serve as an expert legal witness in a cannabis/medical marijuana related case, please contact us.

Our forensic specialist in the cannabis field, Matthew Brittain, LCSW, also provides expert witness services for court-involved patients.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is not accepted for the fees associated with the care coordination and medical services provided for 329 card certifications. Counseling sessions with Matthew Brittain are covered by most medical insurance programs. However, Kaiser, Medicare, and most Mainland insurance programs do not cover counseling. Please contact our Hilo office to discuss your options.