why is some dispensary weed not as effective as outdoor grown cannabis?

Many people have reported that the cannabis that they get from dispensaries is not as effective as the supplies they get from outdoor grow operations. The reason for this, in my professional and educated view, is that the outdoor grown cannabis is the product of a complete biome with many adjunct biological actions at play. The natural fungal and bacterial, and even viral, components of the environment that outdoor cannabis grows in all add to the wider variety of effective compounds in t he finished product. I believe that there are more of the effective cannabinoids in outdoor-grown cannabis specimens than the very same specimen grown in indoor (laboratory-like) conditions. The additional compounds besides cannabinoids also are important, and these include flavonoids and other components (of which there are many). Outdoor grown plants have a mutually beneficial relationship with various fungus species, beneficial bacteria, and other organisms. I believe that plants that are part of a natural environment are more complete in their medicinal qualities, and provide a fuller Entourage Effect, with balanced components (see Entourage Effect in earlier blog).

Matthew Brittain

Matthew Brittain, LCSW, DCSW is a mental health and substance abuse professional living on the Big Island of Hawaii, state of Hawaii. Specializing in the coordination of medical marijuana certification services since 2003, more that 4,000 patients have been certified over the years.