Cannabis Entourage Effect

Cannabis has many compounds besides THC. The most commonly known ones are CBD and CBN, but there are dozens of Cannabinoids, and also Terpenes and Flavonoids. Research is demonstrating that the balance of these different compounds in cannabis products has a profound effect on the therapeutic outcomes that patients experience. This is known as the Entourage Effect, in that the sum of the compounds is greater than any one of them alone. 

The most interesting of the Entourage Effects that I have come across is the science supporting the finding that CBD tends to reduce the paranoia that some people experience from high THC strains. As a psychotherapist, I find this to be very interesting, as in my vast experience with thousands of cannabis patients as well as recreational users, about 7% of the overall population experiences some level of anxiety or paranoia when using cannabis. 

Here is a good article from the United Kingdom that describes, in scientific terms, the Entourage Effect:

Science is just beginning to investigate the uses that individual cannabinoids have on humans, let alone what these many compounds do when used in various combinations.

I look forward to learning more on this topic, and I hope you do, too.

Matthew Brittain

Matthew Brittain, LCSW, DCSW is a mental health and substance abuse professional living on the Big Island of Hawaii, state of Hawaii. Specializing in the coordination of medical marijuana certification services since 2003, more that 4,000 patients have been certified over the years.